Welcome to the No1 Horse Racing Software Program in the world. The world first fully automatic full logic 5 separate agency feed system.

With : NSW (New South Wales) UNI (Queensland and South Australia, SUPER (Victoria, Western Australia and New Zealand), BETFAIR (U.K and Tasmania) and the live oncourse bookmakers (APN).

Designed for the Australian and New Zealand market for the semi – professionals to use on a daily basis, and make a consistent income from the second largest industry in the world.

No1 horse racing software consists of a range of people with their combined knowledge making up over 100 years of dedication to the industry.

We are continually adding to the constantly changing and evolving technology. They range from teams of computer programmers to full time trainers, to people actually using the system, and support staff and consultants trained to help out with any query.

We have a very large spectrum of clients from all walks of life and their only common interest is to want to make a change and make some good money without working so hard for it.

Telephone Contacts:

Australia: 07 321 82102
New Zealand: 00 61 7321 82102

Comes with a fully set-up brand new Windows 7 laptop computer, plug and play system.

For immediate information including screenshots & details of 12 month profit return policy and an obligation free live trial / demo, fill in your details below and it will be emailed.

We will be in contact with you by phone to organize showing you just how advanced this is.

Phone (land line):
Phone (mobile):
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